Hello Gorgeous!

Up until 2007 my life had been what I would almost called charmed.

I had 2 beautiful (almost teenage) boys, my soul mate as my partner, a job I loved and that gave me the opportunity to learn and explore a whole range of natural therapies as a practitioner.

*Cue the ominous music

My world crumbled in April of  2007 when I lost my youngest son to an aggressive cancer called Ewings Sarcoma – he had just turned 13. 

For the next 10 years I chose to ignore my pain, bottling it up as tightly as I could, using alcohol and isolation to cope. 

I still functioned in a way that most people didn’t know my inner turmoil – hell, I had even hidden it from myself.  I studied coaching, NLP, and several energy based modalities even deeper than I had previously. Always looking for an external answer to my pain, always comparing myself to others to gauge how I thought I “should” be on my “healing” journey.

I had glimpses of relief, learnt some really interesting concepts, became a trainer of some of them I loved them so much

In 2018 I started a 12 month coaching program as a Vita Coach with Layla Martin through the Tantric School of Integrated Sexuality.

The deep processes, the embodiment practices the invitation to return to my body was powerful and transformational. 

2019 lead me home to energy work.

I now know that it is possible to feel alive and vibrant and still hold the pain of grief in your heart.

I bring to my programs over 35 years of personal development, coaching and energy based work.  The journey I am on through my grieving process allows me to truly understand your pain and hold you with love and compassion.

My one on one program is tailor made for you and specifically designed to support you to develop a deep understanding of your energy body, to integrate your loss and sorrow in a way that feels right and aligned with what you desire.

There is no deleting, removing, curing, healing or otherwise shaming you or your experience, there is only love and evolution.

If you are ready to create a space in your own heart where you can hold your grief and reconnect with your love for life, book a feeler session with me and discover how that is possible.

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Ellen Clarke

"I love working with Kym.  I've worked with quite a few different coaches and therapists over my healing journey, and there is absolutely no one like her.  She brings such warmth, love, humour, keen insight and depth of experience to our sessions.  And her particular brand of magic works - even when she's supporting me through deep grief and heaviness, there is a lightness and sense of fun in our work together that makes the sometimes hard work of healing fee so much more manageable.  It's like having a unicorn fairy godmother watching over me!"

How We Work Together:

We always begin with a complementary 40 minute feeler call.

It is important to me that we are a good fit for where you are in your life right now. 

If you click the "Book Your Feeler Session here" button, you will be taken to my calendar page where you can book our call. 

There will also be a series of questions to fill in before the call, so I can optimize our time together.



If we decide we are a good fit for ongoing work together, I offer blocks of coaching as 3 or 10 session packages.

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3 Session Package


This is a beautiful introduction package to feel into how Modern Energy techniques work, and how they can help you evolve.


  • First Session ~  2 hour intake session where we get to know each other, explore what Modern Energy is and how it works.  You will go away with a clear understanding of how you can shift and change your energy state, and know exactly how to do that.
  • Second Session ~ is all about one problem or challenge you are having.
  • Third Session ~ The pathway forward, what do you need to move from here.
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10 Session Package


This package is perfect for those of you ready to commit to a deeper level of evolution.


  • First Session ~ 2 hour intake session where we get to know each other, explore what Modern Energy is and how it works.  You will go away with a clear understand of how you can shift and change your energy state and know exactly how to do that.
  • 2nd - 9th Sessions ~ personally designed sessions that address exactly what you need based on your desired outcome of our sessions together.
  • Final Session ~ The pathway forward, celebration, reflection, completion.
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What you can expect from working with me:

  • Confidentiality and Professionalism at all times
  • Life changing education around knowing and supporting your energy body,  your nervous system and emotional system.
  • An invitation to embody your evolution, constant support and connection with where you are in your journey.
  • Zero judgement and absolute compassion for you
  • Belief that you are not broken and that you have the capacity to live a vibrant life and hold your grief and pain with love and compassion.
  • Softness in your journey, no pushing, bullying or shaming you and where you are
  • All parts of you are welcomed and loved

Who is a best fit for this program

  • People who are curious and open about working with energy
  • People who are committed and ready for significant transformation
  • People who feel numb and trapped in a grief cycle
  • People who know that this type of deep work is exactly what they need now in their own evolution
  • People who are self motivated to "do the work"


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My Training:

I am a professionally certified VITA Coach, a Modern Energy Trainer with the Guild of Energists, a NLP Master Practitioner and hold a Certificate 4 in Life Coaching (Australia). 

I also have multiple other certifications collected over 30 years of interest and curiosity of all things from natural therapies to business development to marketing and sales. 

I bring to you a deep connection to my own wisdom, my understanding that some things are not "healable" and thats ok.   

My greatest wish for any time we spend together, either in person or via the interwebs, is for you to feel empowered to continue your own journey of evolution, however that may look to you.


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