Especially Designed for Coaches, Practitioners or Consultants

Use Modern Energy Tapping Foundations To Create Even Deeper Transformations For Your Client

And The Best Part?

You can start to get results even if you have never experienced tapping or energy work before, or if you have had not such a good experience with tapping in the past.

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Modern Energy Tapping Foundation is not simply another course to collect dust in your draw

  • It's NOT a 8 hour course that is full of theory and lacking fun or practical application
  • It's NOT a 200 page manual that you work through by yourself.
  • It's NOT a work it out by yourself package where you end up with more questions than answers

It's a Proven Step By Step Recipe!

Tapping should be easy, it should be fun, it should be something you can quickly and simply teach your clients

What if you were to start on a journey that would give you a skill set to share with your clients that would support them between sessions with you?

What if this tool taught your client to self regulate and resource in their own body?

And what if this tool helped them learn about their "felt sense" or 6th sense, creating a deeper path for transformation when they are with you...

  • Fully supported by tutor
  • Practical and Theory
  • Self Paced
  • Fun

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation - The first step in your Energy Tapping journey.

One Simple Course Changed The Course of My Life

In November 2000 I arrived at a training being held in Brisbane for a new to me modality that had something to do with meridians and tapping.

My anxiety levels simply attending the course were so high I had the man who walks beside me walk into the course with me.

I was greeted at the door by the facilitator, Eugene Piccinotti - who immediately took me aside and guided me through several rounds of a complicated tapping sequence called Thought Field Therapy.

That 2 day workshop was the start of a love affair with all things tapping which guided me to become certified in EFT in 2004 with Patricia Carrington and explore various other tapping modalities -  including the work of Silvia Hartmann.

In late 2013, after being away from EFT for various reasons, I discovered that Silvia Hartman had released her own version of EFT after Gary retired.

There are a few significant evolution's that she made to the course that resonated deeply with me, which is why I became a Trainer with The GoE.

One of the innovations was the SUE scale.

Instead of stopping at the zero point of nothing, we continue until our energy is buzzing and feed ourselves positive energies.

Stress (distress) sits on the minus side of the scale.

Enter Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, a course created by Silvia Hartman herself designed to help you shift your energy body score from the -'s to the +ves


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The SUE Scale

Modern Energy Tapping ~ Foundation Course

The Evolution of EFT to a softer, more intuitive healing experience.

I have noticed in many of my clients,  and sometimes myself, that we have shut our energy system down so tightly from "shielding" and "protecting" ourselves that we no longer are able to feel even the simplest of joys in life - definitely living live on the minus side of the scale.

We are in survival mode, constantly on alert for the next "danger" to come along.

My personal experience was that I was living at around a -5 energy average on the energy chart before I was introduced to this concept of being able to reset my energy body and therefore my life.

Modern Energy Tapping ~ Foundation has been masterfully created by Silvia Hartman, and elegantly delivered by myself,  to allow you to gently and softly connect with your body, your energy system and allow communication to reestablish between the two.

It is a energy based modality, using tapping on various meridian points to create real shifts in the energy body.  It brings Silvia's wisdom and years of research into a simple elegant beginners course.

Each module is a series of lectures and activities, delivered fully online, that will help you deepen your relationship with your energy body.

There are 4 Modules to this beautiful course:

  1. Learning Modern Energy Tapping
  2. The Energy Billionaire
  3. From Problems to Solutions
  4. Modern Energy Tapping For Two ~ and more!

This course self paced and delivered online.

You may move through it as quickly or slowly as your energy body needs.


Course Delivery

The course is divided into 4 modules

Module 1 ~ Learning Modern Energy Tapping

Module 2 ~ The Energy Billionaire

Module 3 ~ From Problems to Solutions

Module 4 ~ Modern Energy Tapping for 2 +

Learning Modern Energy Tapping

Unit Highlights:

1.  Learn What Energy Tapping is and why it is different

2.  Experience Modern Energy Tapping for yourself

3.  Understand what a "set up" is and how to use one to raise your energy

4.  Discover how to use your own unique soul medicine to feel vibrant and alive

The Energy Billionaire

Unit Highlights:

1.  Start to reconnect with your energy body

2.  Support your intuition to come alive

3.  What to do when your energy is very low

4.  Embody the stress to success model and explore how to deliver your own personal medicines to your energy body.

Problems to Solutions

Unit Highlights:

1.  Discover how the Aspects can support you in your journey to thriving

2.  Create your own personal "problem to solution" chart

3.  Tools for dealing with people stress

4.  Goal setting with a difference

Modern Energy Tapping for Two ~ and More!

Unit Highlights:

1. When you love something you want to share - learn how to use MET with friends and family.

2.  Bring joy and fun into intimate relationsips

3.  Empower your children to feel happiness and joy

4.  Connect with your "Heart of Gold"

Gift yourself the beauty and elegance of Modern Energy Tapping

Something that I have noticed with myself and my clients is that there is an automatic shift in your thoughts the higher up the energy chart you go. There is often no need for intensive therapy or interventions.

Included in your Course:

Modern Energy Tapping ~ Foundation... Delivered by Kym Lawn, Energy Trainer GoE

  • Immediate access to fully supported online course
  • Full support via private Facebook Group and bi-monthly Zoom meet ups.
  • Self Paced
  • Full Colour manual shipped to you
  • 12 months membership to the Guild of Energists
  • Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Certificate on completion of questionnaire
  • Lifetime access to course online
  • A 30 minute 1 on 1 call with Kym at the completion of your learning's to answer any of your questions



Thank you Kym. What you share is truely a gift xo  - Robyn

Loved it!!!!  - Kelli

Tied it all together, than you <3 – Olive

Awesome day Kym.  met some amazing and inspiring girls too. Bonus. Wonderful course, professionally and playfully delivered.  Thank you. You’re the bomb! -Twink

Kym is one of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet and have help me in a special way. She has assisted by unblocking some of my past issues, truly amazing. Kyms confidence in her work is really reassuring and the results speak for themselves. Thank you Kym from the bottom if my heart ♡♡ Lynette

After all you have done to help me, giving you feedback is the least I can do

  1. Kym is effervescent (every time I see her she is bubbling with joy), passionate, kind, open and friendly
  2.  Kym has helped me so much with my confidence, acceptance of my circumstances and drastically reducing my anxiety levels. Sometimes I would go to Kym's office feeling quite upset, but would always feel better afterwards without exception. The deep inner work I did under Kym's facilitation has been invaluable to me and has changed my life permanently for the better.
  3.  As a coach, Kym is unconditionally loving and accepting, non-judgemental, kind, positive and uplifting.

 Namasté xx ~! Gem

Had a great day!  Thanks Kym! – Michelle

Had an amazing day!  The course was a fantastic introduction to EFT.  Thank you Kym for delivering the course in a fun, relaxed and simplistic way! – Sue

Congrats on delivering the first ever Foundations EFT course Kym, it was fabulous <3 – Julie

You must run this workshop again it was freaking brilliant! Tracey

Such a great course and amazing teacher ~ Kristy

You are an awesome practitioner - so compassionate and skillful ~ Sandra

Hallo Kym. There ARE changes in my life.  I regularly practice the EFT ritual to get energy.  And I do get energy.  And after doing the evening ritual I find sleep more easily.  I think these are enormous changes, aren't they? So my lfe really changed.  Thank you very much. ~ Heidelinde

Working with Kym has been a very valuable experience for me. She is supportive and inspiring and the techniques used are truly amazing and you really make progress in such a short time that is seems surreal. With the help from this program, it has enabled me to look at the bigger picture and re-assess my goals and values...a simple process with dramatic results that i really hadn't had time for previously. Instead of challenges there are opportunities....endless opportunities. Thank you so much Kym ~ Wendy

" I love working with Kym. I've worked with quite a few different coaches and therapists over my healing journey, and there's absolutely no one like her. She brings such warmth, love, humour, keen insight and depth of experience to our sessions. And her particular brand of magic works - even when she's supporting me through deep grief and heaviness, there is a lightness and sense of fun in our work together that makes the sometimes hard work of healing feel so much more managable. It's like having a unicorn fairy godmother watching over me!"

Ellen Clarke
Art Therapist & Trauma Coach

My students are people who...

  • are coaches, practitioners, healers looking for more ways to support their clients
  • are extraordinary humans looking to evolve themselves even more
  • believe in personal growth and care for those around them.
  • are ready to slow down and feel the evolution of their energy body
  • are open to a different way of supporting their trauma clearing
  • are ready to unlearn much of what they have already experienced.
  • are curious, open and playful.
  • recognize that a life lived on the + side of the SUE scale is living a life of joy and purpose.

Are you ready to change your life?

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Modern Energy Tapping ~ Foundation  Course


12 months membership to GoE


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Monthly Payment

$99 AUD

PER MONTH for 3 Months

Modern Energy Tapping ~ Foundation  Course


12 months membership to GoE


Secret Facebook Group

Unlimited Tutor Support

Monthly Zoom Catch ups

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When do I start?
As soon as you make your payment (or first payment) you will be granted access to the online course and be able to start.

How long does it take?

The course is self paced and may be completed in a day, or over several weeks.

How do I become certified?

You complete the questions for each module, finish your payment and have a 30 minute individual call with Kym via Zoom

When do I get my manual?

Your manual will be posted to you within 4 business days of your payment. Depending on world postage, it may take a week or more.  Your manual is not essential to complete the course.

What support do I get?

There is a private Facebook group available for your to join where you can ask questions, watch other videos or find partners to practice "tapping" with.

Can I work with clients after I finish this course? 

This course is designed for personal use for you and those close to you. To work with clients on a professional level I would recommend Modern Energy Tapping Professional - a 12 module course that I deliver online over 12 weeks or as a 3 day online event

I am not a coach or practitioner... is this course still for me?

Absolutely!  This foundation course is a perfect introduction to Modern Energy Tapping and can be used for self help or with friends and family.

Kym Lawn

Kym is an Energist Trainer with the Guild of Energists having proficiently in many of their courses. 

An avid student of life, she has also qualifications as a Life Coach, a VITA Sex Love and Relationship Coach and is a NLP Master Coach enabling her to fully support you.

She has a passion for supporting people to create a healthier, happier life for themselves by learning to raise their own energy levels so they can feel vibrant and alive. 

Born & raised in Australia, she had been teaching energy-based modalities for 20+ years and has had a private practice as life coach for the past 9 years.

In 2007 Kym lost her youngest son to an aggressive form of cancer. The years following were dark and challenging.  It was during this time that Kym explored many different healing modalities and became certified in many of them.

She now has various courses and practitioner trainings available online, as well as seeing private clients via Zoom.

Kym is currently based in Gladstone, Queensland with her husband of 20 years and is a proud mother of 3 daughters & 2 sons and 8 grandchildren.


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