S o u l  M e d i c i n e

Medicine For Your Soul

Here you will find specifically selected tools, techniques, meditations and blended modalities presented in online workshops, practitioner trainings and one on one intensive coaching.

These practices and methodologies softly invite you to reconnect your physical body to your energy body so you feel vibrant and alive, while still honouring your pain and loss.

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful grid surrounding your physical body ~ this is your energy body, supporting, nourishing and maintaining your connection to your essence.

This network is made up of thousands of beautiful star memories connecting you to your joy, your pleasure and your sense of well-being from a lifetime of perfectly delicious memories from all aspects of your life.

If you are anything like me, there are times in your life when you feel like you have been knocked out of your body. 

Maybe from a loss of a loved one, a pet, a relationship, a trauma or a Trauma.

You loose connection with your grid, feeling like you are "offline", as if something is not quite right with you. 

No amount of talk therapy, body work or prayer is helping. 

Life is frustrating and out of balance. 

Healthy habits are difficult to maintain, and you feel like you are living in a vacuum ~ fairly much forgetting what love and connecting even feel like in the craziness that your life has become.

Welcome ~ I see you, I feel you.

Here you will find offerings that are Medicine for your Soul ~ techniques that will feed you, rather than shame you. 

Because you are perfect, you are beautiful.

There is nothing to fix, nothing to delete, nothing to remove, no shame to be explored ~ you simply need to strengthen your energy matrix.

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Reversing Energy Body Stress

We need to take care of our energy body so our energy body can take care of us.

The picture on the left shows a -10 to +10 scale that we can rate our current energy levels as. 

Not our physical energy, our emotional energy.

E~ motions are simply Energy in Motion.

Is your energy flowing up around the +5 and above?

Or are you, like most of us, on the lower side of zero.

Have a look at the scale, see where you intuitively feel that you are on it.  It can be anywhere, and from anyplace you can slide higher by simply introducing more energy (love) into your energy body.

A simple exercise you can do right now to feed your soul would be to place your hands on your heart, take a couple of deep breaths in, and simply think of a person, pet or place that you love.

Allow the energy of that to flow through your body, nourishing and supporting you.

Take 3 deep breaths, and now 3 more...

Where are you on the scale now?

Did you move even a tiny bit? 

The focus is on Evolution, not a solution, so even a tiny shift is to be celebrated.

As you can probably tell, I love sharing and discussing everything energy related.  

And there is a lot to discuss ~ let's start this beautiful journey of restoring your energy matrix together!

"I love working with Kym.  I've worked with quite a few different coaches and therapists over my healing journey, and there is absolutely no one like her.  She brings such warmth, love, humour, keen insight and depth of experience to our sessions.  And her particular brand of magic works - even when she's supporting me through deep grief and heaviness, there is a lightness and sense of fun in our work together that makes the sometimes hard work of healing feel so much more manageable.  It's like having a unicorn fairy godmother watching over me!"

-Ellen Clarke
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Soul Medicine custom mixed for you.

3, 10 or 12 Session Packages available

F i n d O u t M o r e
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Enjoy Soul Medicine blended in a group or solo.

Still potent, still magical.

F i n d O u t M o r e
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Training for professionals who wish to learn how to blend their own medicine and bring a new level of skill to their client sessions.

F i n d O u t M o r e

"Kym is an awesome practitioner - so compassionate and skillful!"

- Sandra Hillawi