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Come home to your body with two simple exercises that will help you to start to feel that aliveness and connection with yourself you perhaps didn’t even know was missing.

Hi Gorgeous, 

Looking back on my life, I don’t actually remember a time when I felt at home and comfortable in my body, I viewed it as a sack of flesh over some bones that sometimes served me, mostly betrayed me.

Shame was a constant, nagging feeling I lived with, I would compare myself harshly with others, and judge others harshly to cover my own feelings of inadequacy. 

I intellectualized everything and ignored my body wisdom. 

It all came to a head 13 years ago when I lost my 13 year old son to cancer.  In the years immediately after his passing, I had various surgeries (breast reduction, hysterectomy) unconsciously putting myself on a journey to destroy whatever feminine essence I had as my response to my grieving process.  

I was at war with my body – controlling every aspect of her I could.

I had been seeking answers to my perceived brokenness in the spiritual realm.  Looking outside of myself, ignoring my own wisdom and handing my power over to anyone, everyone but myself. Choosing a career path that was mind/spirit based, pretending my body didn't exist. 

My life certainly wasn’t horrible. I was comfortable, in a beautiful relationship with a man who I love deeply.  Spent several years travelling around Australia... I was a successful coach and trainer.

Yet something was vaguely missing in my life. 

About 4 years ago I started a journey into my own sensuality, looking at my body as a source of pleasure, shifting how I perceived the world, developing an understanding of the link between trauma and body and mind.

In 2018 I embarked on one the of the most challenging and rewarding paths of my life – a 12 month coaching certification program that bought me home to my body, to my sensuality, to my pleasure… to my power.

I am filled with gratitude when I think of the journey I have been on, the healing I have experienced along the way, and the sisterhood who has helped me to see what is possible when you love all of yourself deeply.

I have learnt so much about life, loss, love and it is now time to pay that forward.

I am passionate about helping women be able to create the same experience in their lives, so I have put together this simple mini course “Coming Home” as a easy way of experiencing my medicine <3 

Here you will experience 2 powerful tools to bring you home to your body, and start to feel that aliveness and connection with yourself you perhaps didn’t even know was missing.



"I love working with Kym. I've worked with quite a few different coaches and therapists over my healing journey, and there's absolutely no one like her. She brings such warmth, love, humour, keen insight and depth of experience to our sessions. And her particular brand of magic works - even when she's supporting me through deep grief and heaviness, there is a lightness and sense of fun in our work together that makes the sometimes hard work of healing feel so much more managable. It's like having a unicorn fairy godmother watching over me!"

Ellen Clarke
Art Therapist & Trauma Coach


Custom designed check sheet and access to The Shakti Lounge facebook group to keep you on track. 

Daily Exercises

I share with you two exercises for you to do daily to increase the sense of safety and belonging in your body

Beyond Gratitude

Experience a simple tool that goes beyond gratitude to create a space of transformation in your life

Your Path to Empowerment

Accessing the Coming Home mini course today will give you access to over 5 videos and downloadable meditations for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

You will learn two simple techniques that you will do daily to deepen your connection with yourself and boost your sensuality.

There is a grounding meditation and suggestions to keep yourself deeply connected to the earth as you unlock your capacity for pleasure. 

A single page checklist will support you and motivate you to stay with the daily routine.

Each of these exercises are designed to safely and gently return you to the space that is your body, softly awakening you to the essence of you. 

Kym Lawn

Kym is a NLP Master Coach, among other certifications, and has completed her studies at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality.  

She brings over 20 years experience as a coach/trainer in the field of energy medicine and is currently a trainer with the Guild of Energist specialising in EFT, EMO and Modern Stress Management. 

Tantra has become the missing link in her quest to live the most fulfilled life possible. 

Described as an exceptional space holder, she brings her warmth, humour and wisdom wisdom to her coaching and online courses.  

Kym has a trauma aware focus, ensuring that you will feel safe and held during the course. 

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"Kym is an awesome practitioner.... so compassionate and skilful"

Sandra Hillawi
Master Trainer

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