Summer Solstice ~ A Transformational Ritual

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2018

This morning I was up at 4:30am preparing for a coaching practicum with a beautiful soul sister in Amsterdam

We are starting our journey into the “transitions” major of the year long Sex, Love and Relationship coaching program I have been so blessed to be studying this year.

First session is about the seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall/Autumn and the 5th season of the transitions…

Todays coaching was around looking at the wheel of the seasons, and mapping it onto my own life – where I am now, or more importantly, where I feel stuck.

Looking to nature we can see that each season has healthy and unhealthy expressions mirror that onto our own life i.e relationships, sexuality, career, abundance, spirituality… we can get a feel for any resistance to the wheel moving forward.

With guidance, I was able to discover I was “stuck” transitioning from spring to summer. I had been busy creating and learning yet had not allowed the next stage of sharing my gifts and skills to happen, not allowing the maturity, sensuality and ripeness of summer to live in my body.

The Summer Solstice ritual was a perfect experience for me

I was able to sit and look out at the sunrise – feeling the first soft rays warming my skin, looking out at the blooming flowers in my tropical garden, breathing in the heavy spring air, listening to the birds awakening and greeting the day…

An intention was set, and I invited in the deep energies of summer – sensuality, maturity, warmth, orgasmic energy.

Moving into a gentle breath work experience I felt the energies of summer build in my body, and gently invited those energies up through each chakra, one by one… breathing in the new vibration and awareness.

And then the blessing of the universe pouring down through my chakras and deeply rooting me in the ground, connected and empowered by the warmth, fullness and sensuality of Summer.

I danced with the bird song, wild and free in the early dawn.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh – a new phase begins  


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